Love Lost

by MissHoney

To be in the relationship, the love has to be real
Both persons in the couple, have to know how they feel
I see couples now, and when they date, they be straight
But its after they get married, they dont colaborate
Anything worth having, is worth waiting for
But because of how the world is changing, I dont believe in that no more
Its better to be single than to be with a man
that you love to death but he dont love you the same back
Itís better to think, before you pop the question
Cause marriage is not divorce, its supposed to be a blessing
Couples that I thought, would be together for life
Now talk divorce, cause the marriage wasnt right
In this time no one knows, who really loves
Every guy that I fall upon, claiming to be a thug
When my grandma was eighteen, she couldn't even date
But now twelve years old do it, what type of children will they create?
When I have children, will they date at five?
Sexual intercourse by seven? And a baby by nine?
Girls today give it up easy, thats what we call fast
They not hard to get no more, they have no type of class
Love to guys is their plan to get inside
And love to girls mean she givin hers
At fourteen if you're a virgin, that means you have no fun
They say sex is love, go out there and get you some
With advancement in this day, aint nobody getting saved
We already got a population of dikes and gays
But thats not the point, whatever happened to love?
What happened to B4 marriage, all you did was kiss n hug

Love Lost by MissHoney

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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