I Love You

by MissHoney

I canít express in words, what I feel for you
Iím wondering if this is a feeling every girl goes through
Many mates I have had, every shape every size
But you are the one; I truly want to be mine
Relationships in the past, I took as a game
Youíre the one, who has made my whole life sane
I need you more than air, I canít do without
Iím like a slave in a daze, when you're in my sight
Even though youíre a dime, I donít want you cause you're fine
Because itís like you gave me the vision, to see whatís inside
I care for you deeply, reasons to be known
Youíre the last piece of the puzzle, that makes me whole
Thereís no fear in my heart, I wanna express how I feel
I want you forever, responding to your every will
Cause hereís the thing, when I look into your eyes
My tears form my cry, cause your so worthwhile
Itís like God placed an angel, instead of a being
So when I look into your eyes, Iím amazed by what Iím seeing
To be with you is like, a dream of the extreme
I want you in my life forever as my king
The way I feel for you is oh so true
This is just my way of saying, I love you

I Love You by MissHoney

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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