by MissHoney

 Whatís happening to this world, so much bad change
 Everyone wants attention, everyone wants to claim
 The best of the best and forget about whatís inside
 People fighting over oil, killing young lives
 We still got slavery today, itís tattooed to our minds
 Why you think we donít see nothing wrong with black on black crimes
 The bloods and the crips, donít play any games
 And marriage is now allowed, for lesbians and gays
 Grown looking girls, that are only 12
 Chasing grown men, just for there wealth
 Aids is spreading so fast, we donít know who to trust
 No one's falling in love, everyone into lust
 Bush sits there in his chair like he really cares
 It ain't his people dying, he make 500,000 a year
 People in Haiti donít have any rules
 And in many parts in Africa, no one has food
 Cops are the good guys, but they kill as they please
 Who knows how many of them could be crooked police
 There are now more prisons than schools, in some areas
 Whoís praying to God, so that he may carry us
 Everyday you hear of young boys getting molested
 People make love before marriage, no one getting tested
 No one cares anymore, but in your minds you're crying
 I mean Címon ain't it get rich or die trying
 Planes running through buildings, hurricanes back to back
 People dying of strokes and heart attacks
 Leaders donít care, Kerry dropped out the race
 Daughter wearing dresses, where no ones looking at her face
 People canít even trust a follower of god
 Cause the good in this world is fixed on denial
 The world is getting worse, every singe day
 That why I wrote this poem, as a tribute to change

Change by MissHoney

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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