She Doesn't Appreciate You

by Miss N. Scribe

She don't realize how fortunate she is
just to look into your eyes
and she don't realize how you light up a room
every time you smile
nor does she appreciate the conversation
nor all the time that you spend
she don't realize how fortunate she is each day
just to have someone who cares
and she don't realize your sincerity
nor your honesty
nor your creativity
she doesn't even notice how good you smell
nor the way you cut your hair
nor the clothes you chose to wear
she takes advantage of those times 
when you lightly touch her face
and the gentle kisses
and the warm hugs
she don't appreciate your silence
nor the respect you give
nor your willingness
to wait.
she doesn't appreciate your laughter
nor your jokes
nor your charm
she don't appreciate 
the soft way you speak to her
nor speak of her
about her
and she doesn't appreciate the love you give
nor the love you make
nor you
had you only given the chance 
I'd have shown you that I do
because she don't really know you like I do
she doesn't care about you like I do
nor respect you the way that I do
she doesn't treat you the way she should
appreciate you the way she should
I would
I see the way she upsets you
disrespects you
neglects you
I feel like I should protect you
but, that's one thing that I can't do
until you decide what's best for you
until you do, know this boo...
she doesn't appreciate you

She Doesn't Appreciate You by Miss N. Scribe

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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