The "N" Word

by Miss N. Scribe

They happy.
long as they got US
callin' each other NIGGA
long as WE pull the trigger it's okay
I'm guilty
don't stand there with your mouth open
gawkin' at me 
like I'm the only one holding a gun
you should be holding YOUR tongue
for all the profane words
that flow past your gums
don't you know that every time we say that word
Malcolm and Martin probably turn in the dirt
these brothas went to their graves
fighting for the respect that no one gave
NIGGA huh?
no it don't stand for 
Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished
like some say
it' stands for
Now I Give the Goal Away
because that's just what we're doing
you AND me
that's right I'm guilty
but at least I have the guts to say
that I've used the word 
and know now that that it's not okay
to call my brother, my lover, anything other
than his name
what about N,I,G,G,E,R?
we say there's a difference by far
but there isn't
I'm here to claim 
to me, it means one and the same
I don't care where you're from
that word has left such a bitter taste
on our tongue it's gone numb
we use it so often not knowing what we've done
"That's my NIGGA!"
"What's up NIGGA?"
"Fnck that NIGGA!"
"I love that NIGGA!"
"NIGGA, what?"
"NIGGA, who?"
"NIGGA, please!"
though I'd like to call myself enlightened
I'm frightened to find that
ignorance is a disease and I'm a carrier
and in order to break this barrier
we must ask our brothers and sisters
please forgive me for my mouth
the word says it's not what goes in 
that defiles me, but what comes out
yeah, they happy
because they have us saying what they've been
thinking for four-hundred-plus years
knowing that if they say it
it could be the last word that they spit
but when we say it to each other
it don't mean $#!t
while they sit there with their arms crossed
watching us look like fools
they don't have to do a thing
we tear each other down
they just supply the tools! 

The "N" Word by Miss N. Scribe

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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