Aborted Seed

by Ms.Moods

Aborted souls lay n a shallow sink waiting to be washed out,
mothers rest n a sedated state wanting to be rescued from the hell hole. 
Forgive me for I have sinned
My innocent seed ripped out of this body of mine
Doctors forgetting tha process
Opening my legs and moving on 2 the next hoe, mother, child, victim
Nothing new for them, promoting tha right 2 choose not worrying about the DECISION           
2 break1 of the 10 commandments 
	I COULD DIE right here on this table
Yet I am thanking u 4 injecting my body with fluids that could kill me 
But killing my child instead, does this make me a murderer?
Robbed another young black male of its full potential
because the timing wasn’t right, was I even justified n doing so? 
	Does the end justify the means?
Does the end justify the means?
5 yrs later sleeping restlessly thinking about mah ‘lil boy whose life I had 2 end
I am so sorry, oh how my tears don’t ease the pain,
yet I wonder what u would have been like… Does the end justify the means?
Aborted seed of mine? 

Aborted Seed by Ms. Moods

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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