You Shall Never Forget

by mskeneshie

funny how the time flies
and the wind cries
and the bird sings 
and some songs make you sigh

it creates a place
that you never forget

it creates a thought
that you canít quite get

looping in and out
touching on life 
with its intricacies
without a momentís doubt

itís funnyÖyou know that time thing
it hardly makes you bring 
but it definitely grows you up
sometimes kicks your butt
but it never stopsÖitís continuous

but my friends
for us
time does end
it suspends
and draws on your faith at this bend 
in the road

my boy Shad
ainít here to tell you how the rest goes
but in God we know the rest goes
that Rashad Wayne lived
that Rashad Wayne gives
that Rashad Wayne looks upon us 

and he smiles
that huge smile 
that used eyes and lips
a facial expression that told you
you were a trip
a booming voice that traveled like ships
in the distant
his life taken in an instant
yet his memory will live on like the Ď80ís Pistons

Rashad Wayne
a brother who sought no fame
just a piece of this life game
and a chunk of whatever else came with that

itís a fact
he is gone
but another fact is that 
God has him in His home
at the right hand of the Lordís throne
sending caring doves 
so that we wonít feel alone

yeahÖi must admit
itís funny how time flies
and the wind cries
and the bird sings 
and how some songs make you sigh

but you shall never regret
and you shall never forfeit
and you shall never forget
that he lived


In loving memory of Rashad Anthony Wayne 
who passed away tragically September 24.   
...a friend for life and in death. 

You Shall Never Forget by mskeneshie

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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