On This Our Wedding Day

by Ms Keneshie

Our Wedding Day

the law of the Lord is perfect
and we bask in that knowledge
paying daily homage to Your ways

our hearts are filled with joy
our lips sing shouts of Your wonder
our minds develop peace
resting in You O Lord

we speak verses of commitment
praying that words from our lips
and the thoughts of our heart
be pleasing unto You 
on this our wedding day

we make a covenant
to trust in your word and do good
to take delight in your law
to commit  everything we do to You
and know that to be still
is to know we are in Your presence

we come singing praises
as we unite our lives
knowing all good things
come from You
and also knowing 
that only You are honored on this day
receiving all the glory
for bringing two of your flock together
on this our wedding day

we arise O Lord 
as You would have us to do

she, a forthright woman of God
he, a forthright man of God
cleaving to each other and Your word
believing in your design for our union 

Lord, You guarded our hearts
showing us where to start
knowing that there are difficult parts
even on our best day we know not what to say
we simply allow the Holy Spirit to guide us

he prays to you as an humble man
with a humble heart and stance
she prays to you as a strong woman
with a strong heart and dance

although the earth shakes and trembles
You have allowed our feet to touch solid ground
and so we come to you O Lord, to keep us safe
and to keep our marriage fresh and exciting
you are our refuge
please send out your light and your truth
on this our wedding day

we once more sing praises
and shout hallelujah
for You have done an awesome thing here
sing unto the Lord we say
because His word has gone out
on this our wedding day   

On This Our Wedding Day by Ms Keneshie

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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