What Scares Me

by Mskeneshie

you know what scares me
is admitting I can
trust you

to admit that my 
caring for you
has crossed the line 
of ďjust likeĒ

what scares me is
letting down my
defenses and allowing
you all the way in

it scares me to think 
that I can keep you 
interested in me 

it scares me to even
share these thoughts
with you

see Iíve been 
here before
and then I 
wasnít scared
probably should have been

Iíve loved
Iíve laughed
Iíve sighed
Iíve cried
and inside of myself
Iíve died
because I trusted 
truthful lies

it scares me to know 
that Iím considering 
a move to you

it scares me to see you
even to hear your voice
because you see me
because you hear me
Iím scared to try
because you might reject me
and the affect upon me
wellÖÖI just rather not be 
sad where you are concerned
your ways I just want to learn

because what scares me more
is knowing that you can
move on from me
before I have a chance to speak
my piece

I wasnít expecting this
I wasnít expecting to be missed
I wasnít expecting for my soul to be kissed
I wasnít expecting you to know how to pray
and since that moment in time
Iíve had you with me almost every single day

I think of you more than I care to admit
and so Iím scared
because I know what Iím supposed to do 
and itís easier said than done
but if you ask me right now
baby I promise I will find a way for us to be one

howÖhumphÖI donít have a clue
but we both know a Man who can do 

see I thought my move away
would create a shift
some sort of rift
but it didnít
just made me miss
your imagined kiss
and that bald head

see this
this scares me
but I dare me to be open with you
and so now you know what I know

see Iíve been 
here before
and then I 
wasnít scared
probably should have been

What Scares Me by Mskeneshie

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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