I No Longer Play Them Games...

by Ms Keneshie

see, he's not even on my mind 
this time
trying to get my attention
is truly a waste of his trying
yeah, i know; 
the brother fine
but sometimes, like red wine
looks are so sublime
plain looking brothers can be just as refined
with simpleness that will blow your kind
but see I had to back off with mine
I had work to do
I have a personal statement which includes only a few
and there is no room for non platonic relationships
I want to come rub you ships
I just want to talk and it's midnight ships
what, you don't trust yourself ships
or the I want to be your man ships
the winds have ceased
there is only but a slight breeze coming from this harbor
see nothing sexual is on my mind 
this time
I'm healing from all kinds of junk and past inhibitions
don't mistake my diction or my vision
or even try to play with the semantics of my cause
as I come up
I clamor for a breath of air
and my knight may be standing there on time
and it is he that will find
my body and mind
undefiled by the Godness in me
it is he that will be in such glee
some women will say why do you think that he'll be any different
and i'll tell them
it's because he see's in me
what the others protest to be 
the time i've taken to invest in spirit
the time i've taken to invest in God's wishes
the way i've abstained from the world
no longer just a mere girl
but one of God's black pearls
sweeter than Bluebell's "chocolate swirl"
above me there is a complete glow
not that bling-bling kind of shine
i'm buffed and spiritually refined
you know the kind
so please, out of respect for my mind
at this time
please keep your lines
and grant me this wish
just speak and keep it devine
not too technical
nor much of a spectacle
none of this love will be for show
can't put me on a pedastal no mo'
change creates problems
but change is good
some changes are just never understood
so right now
I wish to make it real plain
my name is Ms Keneshie
and I no longer play them games

I No Longer Play Them Games... by Ms Keneshie

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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