A Motherless Child

by Mskeneshie

this child's mind of mine
seems docile
which could explain my feelings
my being
the feelings of without
a doubt
i ain't no child
but ya'll sometimes i feel 
like a motherless child
maybe the confusion of love
maybe the confusion of lust
the leftover bad taste of distrust
like in a minute
my mind will bust
into tiny particles of matter
but nothing does
until it happens to others
the pain felt of motherless times
transfers to another
see, this motherless child
gave birth
to none other than hurt
in the skin and bones of beauty
this child of no mother
takes haste to protect this unplanned planned birth
this unplanned planned hurt
see, sometimes i feel like a motherless child
wondering if life is worth the while
wondering if God sees me in this isle
with no fistful of motherless smiles
but like colorful building blocks
the scene is pleasing to my child's eye
motherless no more
less feelings to this situation i implore
God will show up in that door
to help
this motherless child
but in the meantime
what do i do
what should i do
do i do
sometimes i feel like a motherless child 
and i just cry
and i imply
these tears to the torn parts
to my scattered heart
and my untouched veins
these trials not being done in vein
sometimes feeling more about the insane
but with no one to blame
i sustain hope 
and claim the same

A Motherless Child by Mskeneshie

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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