Prayer for the Future

by Miss Galaxy

I endeavour to sow within you
Dimensions of comprehension unexplored.
To those controlling this wicked dominion.

With the declarations and council of our forefathers, 
Who, entrusted us with the knowledge of the 
Galaxy and beyond built upon
That and more in the expired time of 
Our tranquil existence on Planet Qi.

To the senate of Imhotep, I beseech 
Your gifts o supreme intelligence.
Unsurpassed to those who turn 
Green with envy at our gift,
RED, in your excellent presence, 
If not purple at your hand.

I envisage within you
The inherit reassurance to rise
Majestically as a leader
In this Nu nation.
To lead and not to follow.
To protect and not to deceive.
To have abundant love and respect, 
Not submerged in selfishness and guile.

From tears of past and present aches,
Anguish, grievances and melancholy.
You, our Nu Nation will rise
And flood our eyes afresh with tears of 
Blessedness, rapture, pride and exquisite divinity.

Unity shall become an internal necessity 
Rather than an external commodity.
Division will only condemn those with consuming hatred
In their apathetic hearts.

Finally, our hearts will find peacefulness.
Our feet will no longer be sore from our trek.
Our hands will cease bleeding from the picking.
Our minds will command rather than be systematically held down.
Only through the ancient method of story telling will our future 
Know of the calamity of our past.

This prayer I pray, 
Not only for the children I shall nurture in this womb enveloped 
With the protection, joy, peace and love of the Almighty, 
But for all the melanin-coated infants
Who will tighter rise to greater regions.
Taking us to the 7th planet...
Where at last 
We shall reside in Orion.

Prayer for the Future by Miss Galaxy

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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