What I Need

by Goldier and Tracy Mckever

My beautiful brown Nubian sister,
Please allow me to bend your ear,
So I can drop you some food for thought,
To alleviate your fear,
For sisters say it's so very hard,
To keep a good brother near,
But this is exactly what you need to do,
If you wish to keep me here,
So this is what I need..........
I need a woman, who loves me for me,
And will never try to change,
For not liking a person you claim to love,
To me it seems so strange.
I need a woman who realizes I am a man,
And with others I need to hang,
Who won't try to restrict me in any way,
And let me do my thang,
I need a woman who takes me for my word,
Who won't play games with my head,
And think every woman I'm speaking too,
Is sleeping in my bed.
I need a woman who is independent,
And money you don't have to bring her,
Who doesn't sit her ass at home all day,
Just watching Jerry Springer.
I need a woman who won't run through my clothes at night,
Or call my beeper for numbers,
Who knows my love is so real and strong,
That she never has to wonder.
I need a woman who realizes how I feel,
Who wont always put me on the spot,
And wont ask me about my love for her,
While Jordan is taking a shot.
So I'll apologize at another time,
For putting you on the spot,
But I have so much to offer you girl,
And I'm really not asking a lot.

So if you got what I'm looking for,
My smile won't be hard to conceal,
But don't disappoint me and come with a snack,
Instead of a full sized meal.
Cause a woman like you is so hard to resist,
For my passions you'd surely feed,
But there's no doubt you'll be dismissed,
If you can't supply what I need,
So can you?................

My handsome honey sweet black man,
Anything you wish I shall grant,
For I can do the beautiful things for you,
That most women just simply can't,
I'll cradle your love within my bosom,
With your sorrows in my tender caress,
I would never complicate your life,
With such petty foolishness,
I am a truly independent woman,
Everything I have is my own,
I need no one to guide my life,
For I've always stood alone.
I will care for you,
Be there for you,
But I am not willing to share you,
I would surely give you the boot,
Because my love is priceless till the end,
And has no substitute,
I wouldn't waste my time checking your clothes for numbers,
For childishness I don't condone,
I would never worry about what you're doing outside,
Because my love will bring you home,
So when you told exactly what you needed,
You thought I was put on the spot, 
But my Nubian king,
My caramel dream,
Asking me to love you,
Would never be asking a lot.

What I Need by Goldie and Tracy Mckever

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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