The Wedding

by Tracy Mckever & Richard Parks Jr., (Goldie)


There's no easy way to explain
the joy you bring to my life
that keeps you on my every thought
throughout the day and night.
The way your brown eyes
light up the entire place,
looking down deep within my soul
to bring a smile upon my face.
The times I watched you while you slept
so beautiful and content.
Makes me thank the lord above
because you must be heaven sent.
The way you stand by my side
so strong and dedicated.
Becoming a part of my inner spirit
that cannot be separated.
As you've taken me to the level of love
that my heart cannot relate.
I cannot deny the way I feel
for our love is sealed by fate.
And the times I thought you'd leave my life
bringing forth my biggest fears,
Gasping for air,
in my worst nightmare,
drowning in my lonely tears.
So I come to you today my love
with a wish to keep us together.
Giving you all I have in life,
and loving you forever.
Now in front of you,
down on my knees
I pray you will be my one and only.
End this pain of heartbreak and strife
and become my heart,
my friend,
my lover,
my wife.
Uniting a future of passion and love
that our eyes can only see.
In this beautiful scene,
my Nubian Queen,
I ask
Will you marry me?


While analyzing this question
I am faced with reality.
Am I capable of making a decision
that could effect me eternally?
My heart races, and my hands tremble
as I ponder this dutiful task.
What is going to by my answer
to the question that you have asked?
I gaze into your star-lit eyes
as you are on bended knee.
Trying to digest the very thought
of what you have just said to me.
My throat is dry, my palms are sweaty
I feel like I should scream.
If I am sleeping, please don't wake me
I would like to continue to dream.
You have taught me that love making
isn't about the body, but the mind.
So make sweet love to me for an entire life time.
You penetrated my heart, imprisoning my soul
You have made me pure again
Baby you have made me whole.
There's nothing I want more in life
than to be your wife.
My undying love for you I hereby confess.
I'll take you away from all this
heartbreak and strife.
So the answer to your question is...YES!

The Wedding by Tracy Mckever & Richard Parks Jr., (Goldie)

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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