U Were There

by Tracy Mckever & RiP

U were there for me through anxiety and pain
U comforted me through the storms and shielded me from the rain
U were there for me when my skies were bl"U"e
and when I was h"U"rting U were there too
U caressed my do"U"bt and n"U"llified insecurities
U erased my g"U"ilt and s"U"ppressed my agonies
U were there during the m"U"rkiest times of my life
U could have been an excellent husband and I an even better wife
That's the reason why I thought I could never leave
Until the day I realized that when I needed to be loved....
U weren't there for me!

U were there to rub down my shoulders after a long hard day
U were there when life's stress had me ready to explode
Yet you knew exactly what too say
U were there when a man as strong as me
Was forced to show signs he was weak
U were there to push me over that wall
That holds many brothers from their peak
U were there when I wasn't always kind
When I lied and cheated and played with your mind
But now that I'm faithful and trustworthy to you
The places U were before hand
Are now the ones you refuse to stand
With me
U were the one who enslaved my heart
And now U are the one set me free....

U Were There by Tracy Mckever & RiP

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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