So Long

by RIP and Tracy Mckever


So many times,
I've imagined your face,
Wishing I could walk over into my place,
And see you there,
Admire your style,
The things you wear,
Fall deep in love with the way your hair…
Protects your eyes,
So brown and beautiful,
I'm mesmerized,
By your chocolate skin,
Praying for my spirit to go inside,
And lock myself within,
As fate unfolds,
With my passion plus your love,
That equals one whole,
For I've lost control,
And all my friends seem to contend that I'm getting scary,
That watching you rise in your Nubian glow,
Makes the sun seem secondary.....To me,
A slave to the darkness of broken hearts,
To which your vibe has set me free.....From this pain,
That has kept me off of that great Love Train,
As so many ways I've tried,
To find the O'Jays so I could take that ride,
Chance after chance I almost died,
If love was a loan I'm forever denied......Until now,,
Now that you've taken my hand and showed me how,
How love doesn't have to move long and fast,
But that a nice and slow flow will always last,
Yet here I sit......Unable to understand,
How one of the great beings they call the black man,
Has no explanation or words to say,
To why someone so far away...Many miles apart,
Could place a hypnotism around the depths of my heart,
And now.......All I see is you,
Yearning for the days when I can call you my boo,
Staying T-R-U,
Cherishing the day that I met you in the world of TimBookTu,
Waiting for the day that you tell me "I DO",
But until then,
My feelings walk the line between a blessing and a sin,
For AMEN is what you say,
But A MAN is what you see,
And A GOD is what I'll worship forever,
If you chose to be with me...T,


"R" I hear you crying out my name,
The fact that I can't answer is driving me insane,
I pray that this rain will wash away the pain,

Of being one thousand miles away,
You were taken without say,
Leaving my heart idled but not astray,

Wearing your ring,
As the birds sing,
For now can only be a dream,

Never being able to hold you tonight,
Walk with you by the moonlight,
Or allow these lips to hold you tight,
Daily aches that I'm forced to fight,

Never being able to caress your skin,
Or allow you to enter me from within,
As I am giving you this bomb trim,
Are the thoughts that I painfully envision,

And as the night dawns and the days unfold,
I realize with each day that I'll never have you to hold,
Sadly, a love song too many times told...

Feeling your warm and gentle embrace,
Leaving passion marks all over the place,
Waking up and seeing your face,
Are memories that can never be replaced,

Simple MEN could never be,
The MAN that you are to me,
My GOD in heaven can plainly see,
Without you I could never....R.I.P.

So Long by RIP and Tracy Mckever

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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