by Tracy Mckever & RIP

The sequel to racism
In this prism of mankind
Finding common ground is immensely complex
Leaving the mental vortex of the oppressed
In a suppressed limbo
While the innuendo of the unaffected
Eats at their pride in a subjected manner
Leaving them unprotected from the derogatory stereotypes
Falling victim to the purgatory of mortality
As the solitary box they grow in limits their choices
Taking our voices one by one
But I am still speaking
And I’m finally peaking as my soul is molting
The time for revolting has come
Are you the one to open our eyes?
The answer lies in your voice
Rejoicing in our pain becoming stronger
No longer will we forgive or forget
Outlets to anger have been exhausted
While our wrath has been defrosting slowly
If there is a chance I suggest you show me
Before the ultimate price is what your kind will owe
Friend or foe the end is near

So Hear Ye, Hear Ye
To all the voices that be
A great multitude of changes shall transcend
Giving way to a rebirth of knowledge to ascend
You can pretend that you don’t hear it
You might fear it but its range is wide
Covering angles from every side
Emancipating the truth, armed, wearing combat fatigues and boots
Avenging the soil that surrounds our roots
No more picket fences and peace marches
We’re equipped with rifles, disguised behind black sheets, carrying torches
Setting your whole town aflame, putting all the guilty to shame
Who’s to blame? After we’re done you’re going to wish that we never came
Or that you didn’t come…After 400 years we are declaring our Freedom
The race war will finally be won
The time is ours we are the victors
Blackening your whitest house, no more black seats, we’re coming through 
front doors
This isn’t the time to stand aside and look
Truth and right are our defenders and our judge….
The Good Book

Serenity by Tracy Mckever and RIP

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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