Nubian Essence

by RIP and Tracy Mckever

The never ending story of our kind
Mind over matter is a theory
Shattered by the strong essence of my race
Evolving from place to place to something different
From Nigger to Negro
Black to an African American whose never seen Africa
While our generation has more knowledge of Attica
Than their own history of self expression
The lessons of the past that harass my soul while I sleep
Tossing and turning over the pressures of this land
As shivering hands creep over my ancestor's wounds
Genetically given so we may be driven to achieve more
These metaphors and similes are mere breadcrumbs to some
But too many they lead a path through the confusion of trees
To the answers sought by the questions we submit
That would still be asked if we hadn't traveled
over many seas to these plains
The dues have been paid, the suffering  foundation is laid
What role will you play?
The role in which I play is many
Like the mask that grins and lies
Ties bind me to my past
I remain bound to freeing my ancestors
Their souls lie in the tombs of the unknown
As I rake the coals of mother earth
In search of answers
Nephertiti's jewels paved the perfect path
Nat turned the pages of time
That told the story of freedom soldiers
Marching on the front line
Dreams deferred become dismal
Give me a symbol
Don't coat my hopes like Pepto Bismol
I call for a meeting of the truce
Unarm your minds; deep-six the hate
Because when the seventh sign cometh it will be too late
Plant knowledge from the fruits of labor
Sip blood that was shed from the heads of dreads
And savor the flavor of our Nubian Essence...

Nubian Essence by RIP & Tracy Mckever

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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