Between Me and My Sisters

by PoetiCCessence

Girlfriend, Diva, Mother, Goddess, Queen…

Believe me…
I know what you’re going through,
I know what it’s like to be broken
To rub in grief like it was lotion
Sister, my soul has been battered too.

been to the mountain’s top,
fallen to the valley’s low,
feasted nights with many kings
done many things…
on the streets of the ghetto

Death staring me in the eye
Pain that made grown men cry
Testimonies that left no eye dry
Love that said it wouldn’t, 
say goodbye

It All…
Made me so disappointed in man
Felt like decay in a wasteland
Took every part of me to stand
Left so weak could only raise my hand

In times that my mind, feet, and hands were cuffed
I never gave up
Even though the road ahead seemed extremely rough
I knew that my load could never be too much

Stood defiantly against the norm
Took the beatings but would not dare conform
Weathered through the storm
Was transformed

Blood trickle from my brow
A solemn vow
People ask how
My back would bend but would not bow

Took years of hard lessons to pass this final exam
Left many people saying Damn!”
Should have killed me long ago, but in raging waters I swam
Was through God, grace, mercy and struggle I finally know…WHO I AM!

Between Me and My Sisters by PoetiCCessence

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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