Is This Love?

by Tracy Mckever & Richard Parks, Jr.(Goldie)

My friends think I'm crazy, but I know it's not true;
I realize we just met but I think I love you.

I can't believe this, I can't stop thinking about our first kiss;
If this isn't love than what is it?

I laugh when you grab my ass as I pass;
I pray to God that this will last.

I got a love Jones for you baby, and it just won't let me be;
my love Jones is saying that you ought to be with me.

I know this is love, the feeling is too right;
That's why I had sex with you the very first night.

Then you told me to stop calling but how can this be?
Where you telling the truth or was it the Hennessy?

Then you told me you loved me and that there was no other;
So why do I keep getting calls from your baby's mother?

I know she isn't better in bed than me. I know she doesn't give you 24/7
head like me.
I know she isn't willing to spread like, because you told me.

Why don't you want to be with me?
Why are you so afraid to love me?

I gave you all my doe even though you told your friends I was a ho;
Where did all that love you said you had for me go?

My mother can't stand you, and she thinks you're a thug;
But none of that matters to me because I'm in love.

I've cried for you, I've lied for, I'd die for you if I had to.
Even though I just met you I love you.

I don't care that you deceive, mistreat, or beat me;
Just be with me because you complete me.

I'm the essence of beauty, and you are my king;
I treated you like royalty, Why couldn't you just love me?

is this love?
it seems so real,
making my emotions so hard to conceal,
as the joy you bring forces my soul to see,
a happiness that could set me free,
but the love in my heart is not worth the risk,
and our future together you need to dismiss,
for you have asked for something that cannot exist,
in my heart, my soul, my eyes or my kiss,
see I live in a world where the hustlers play,
where people take chances day by day,
showing love for another I'd have to pay,
the price of these streets without delay,
see in these streets anything could go wrong,
that's why the only ones to survive are the strong,
but with you I can't be hard as a rock,
feeling SWV in your bomb ass cock,
or the way you take me down your throat with care,
making me ask what size mink coat you wear,
or when I go deep,
"don't stop!!!" you say,
as I'm trying to find oil for Jed and Ellie Mae,
so i tried to be nasty and push you away,
because I really do not know what to say,
for my heart knows your love can take me away,
but my mind says to stay where the criminals play,
see this love thing was never part of the deal,
some sex and money but I'd keep it all real,
but you had to be cute and funny,
and stimulate my mind,
caressing my spirit so I could unwind,
as you're forcing my heart to fight with my mind,
because a woman like you is so hard to find,
and I know you are hurt,
that was the whole plan,
going out like a coward instead of a man,
and I know your peeps wonder how I have the nerve,
because a woman like you I do not deserve,
for extending my love takes half of my heat,
that keeps me warm in these streets that are gone with the wind,
a hardcore soldier who's down to hte end,
so I must put a stop to this hurtful game,
even though my feelings will always be the same,
for you've taken me where you will love and care,
but I'm enslaved in a world of hate and despair,
and as you look into my eyes to find a clue,
the fact that I'm leaving should tell you I do,
and my words may leave you asking why,
but for me to survive I must say goodbye,
it is love...........

Is This Love? by Tracy Mckever & Richard Parks, Jr. (Goldie)

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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