by Tracy Mckever & Randall Longshore

Disfigured by love and rejected affection
Longing for devotion ending up with dejection
Outwardly a grotesque figure inside the beauty of angels
Yearning for the breath of passion yet her loathing only strangles
And entangles him up in her web and mangles
Unaware that he's been snared into an emotional triangle
The beauty, the beast, and his love
No matter what the feat he could never measure up
Soul beyond soul and sight beyond sight
Moans of a broken heart entrapped by the night
Tear stained hearts illuminate shadows of the dark
Whereby love rears its ugly head and leaves its mark
Deserted and despondent is how she left him
Howling her name agonizingly in the whispers of the wind
Such a disturbing tragic romance
Love that was never given a chance
Only a trance describes his circumstance
Glances being made through shattered glass
Premonitions of his fate has come to pass
Golden dreams have now turned to brass
Pain too grand for one to console
Too many tears for you to total
A story so precious it could never be sold
What price should a woman have to pay?
To have a man's soul defrayed?
The price of love given…now taken away.
In pain upon sorrow, the ugly black hunchback...
Stared up the heavens in the night.
He cried and prayed to God for what was right:
"God...I'm not stupid.
Just ugly!
Why can't I be handsome like some others?
Why can't my ugliness be covered?
They all think I'm hopeless;
That I'm such a dull fop!
But I hope in your eyes...I'm not.
I'm tired Lord...
I'm tired!
I love her God as no man could.
She is like a flower to me in spring rain.
I only pray to you,
That her love to me would be the same.
Fate deals my life a bitter hand.
I have feelings like any other man!
Don't let me lay down alone to die
Before I'm given the reason why..."
And all through the night hunchback prayed,
Thinking of death and a grave.
And as his beauty queen discoed the night away...
So beautiful, yet like stale meat inside,
And never once being the better wise.
Dancing fast; dancing slow.
Seductive movements; seductive partners.
Music played away the disco night...
But in a farther away isolated area,
A bearded comet traced across the starry sky.
As joy to a beautiful dark woman was fed,
The ugly hunchback put a bullet through his head!

Hunchback by Tracy Mckever & Randall Longshore

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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