A Fornicator's Testimony

by PoetiCCessence

One day my soul cried out
As I thought about
the men I allowed to wear me out
As much as a thanks
My mind draws blanks
When I think of their names,
And all of the tears over the years
that I drank
Forced into trenches
by my own mental fences
And their bodily stenches
Saturated my spirit
Drenched me with insecurities and fear
Pain so irreversibly severe 
Specialized in hurt so long, 
Could have made it a career
Legs and heart gapped open
Soaking wet from sweat
Giving away all that was sacred
And left
Remembering all yet,
trying so hard to forget
The years I forsook my self respect
Until one day I just got tired
Of climbing but not getting any higher
Glancing down on all that had transpired
 Recognizing that the devil WAS a liar
Looking at all the men he had hired
To defeat me, but his plan had backfired
Sistahs, this should inspire
Although I spent many years on my backside
Gargling pain and swallowing pride
I survived
And on the night that my savior died
The ointment for my wounds was generously applied
But I didnít receive it until the day 
that my soul opened upÖAND I CRIED!

A Fornicator's Testimony by PoetiCCessence

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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