Black Hate

by Tracy Mckever and Jamal Sharif

Subduing my love with blatant hate
crucified by fate
abashed and begrudged by my own race
the actuality of this reality
is difficult to face
Stifled dreams ensuring that I won't advance
weighted feet can't dance
everything executed to minimize my chance
A single glance allows even the blindest eyes to see
we rid ourselves of physical chains
yet mental slavery still remains
Envy and resentment inhibit our people to succeed
into negativity and triviality we feed
prejudice and fear exalting racial stratification
atheist philosophy benumbing spiritual inspiration
A race that supersedes greed
equilaterally impedes
sprouting bad seed
vampirism breeds
from one another's soul we feed
Pushin' knowledge and hope, but to no avail
a kindred would rather see me fail
than prevail
Souls anchored, yet so many of us bail
As African brothers
through slavery we stood loyally by one another
four hundred years later, we are hating each other
Systematically bound
uncovering strategies to detain, strain, maim
and keep us down
The cure for BLACK HATE must be found
for we are totems of the pole oblivious to our position--
on the ground.......

Black Hate by Tracy Mckever and Jamal Sharif

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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