Being A Black Man Doesn't Come Cheap!

by Tracy Mckever & B.T. Bonner

Amidst the strife
Can you afford a new life?
Can you afford to care about 2001
Instead of CARE-Y-ING about the guns?
A penny for your thought-fullness
Brother you can not afford to ignore this
You can not afford to take the shit
Step in it and then live it
Preach sister, preach
Save our brothers from these streets
I'd give my soul just so you could live
I'd give the world if it were mine to give
You can un-arm because I am extending my hand
Sacrifice my womanhood so that you can be a man
Understand that the essence of a being transcends
Way beyond his existence*brother you must listen
And comprehend the simple words I speak
To reach your peak* your future does not appear bleak
You can not sustain to remain in the same mind frame
Or to continue to venue and point the blame
Be Able like Cain
 So I ask*Brother can you afford some change?
With Horrors at the foot of my every step
jumping out at the length of my every breathe
as I circle around every tortured corner
like a tiger preying upon his victim
I'm gonna rip to shreads and eat
raw flesh and blood on which to feed
while fighting off the demons chasing me
with no where to turn I  follow a beaten path
death around every corner store
and no rest for my bones that lay sore
searching for peace of mind with a 9
and a bottle of cheap wine
Can I Change???
I'll CHANGE!!!!
I'll change my attitude from sober
to outta my mind faded all over
and still changin'................
but only changing from high to sky high
to excape this world while still stuck in denial
with changing choices and problems that stockpile
until I reach the end this changin' path
and lay down a changed man at rest in the aftermath.......

Being A Black Man Doesn't Come Cheap! by Tracy Mckever & B.T. Bonner

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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