Paper To My Pen

by Michaelle

My paper holds no prejudice to me.
I am a pen!
Wether I decide to write in blue, black or red.
My paper feels no offense to words
LIKE bitch, racist, bigot asshole.
Paper listens to everything I have to say, everything I write
wether the topic at hand is agreeable or not.
My paper respects me
and I respect the paper.
When I write paper becomes my confidant
Paper won't tell my secrets
but if someone comes a prying my words will not lie
Paper loves me, the pen, unconditionally
with paper I have no faults nor am I perfect.
I owe paper nothing but yet I give it everything
Paper never talks back
but once I am done writing paper says a lot.
As a pen it is so difficult to trust-
I’m one single object ink-filled with a million plus ideas
possibilities, and truths
I can lie as well but paper wouldn’t appreciate me as much.
I can YELL on paper
throw obscenities on paper 
make love on my paper
and paper wont budge
I am a pen in love with paper
smitten with paper
we become partners in crime each time
I share my thoughts.
On paper I can call you a racist
I can bash GAYS, jews, whites
I can cause chaos and insinuate fights
I can be mad
I can murder, rape, rob
Be a dr. an army general or a porn star-
For free, I can travel real far
I can be in china- swim in Africa
or climb mountains in Haiti-
I could be a rude gal or act like a lady
Paper is my therapist and I am papers client/patient
free of charge!
Paper never rushes me-never gets impatient

Paper got mad at me the other day
found out I was cheating with desktop
paper got real insecure
thought desk top had more to offer. 

Paper To My Pen by Michaelle

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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