Proof Of Love

by Brett McCall

Some days life can be a little bit rough,
Between bills, stress, and miscellaneous stuff,
I`ll wonder if days upon this earth
I`ve already had enough,
It almost gets to the point,
That all I see is questions,
When I search the heavens above,
Yet when I looked back upon Earth
And indeed saw your face,
I knew that I had God`s love

For he had to love me,
To put your kind here,
A mate that could comprehend,
And ease my fears,
A vision and visonary,
That makes me eager for future years,
A friend that could teach me,
How joy can flow in tears,
A queen to which any wise king,
Would yearn to consult,
An island of peace,
In a sea of tumult,

And perhaps you are wondering,
How out of all of creation,
I chose you and your kind,
To focus my fascination,
And what it is I hope to gain,
From this unabashed appreciation

Well, my intentions are pure,
I can assure you of that,
I`m just grateful God put me on a planet,
Where all of you are at,

Cause it means, everyday,
I`ve got the opportunity,
To beauty like yours see,
And that alone,
Is proof enough,
That my Heavenly Father loves me

Proof Of Love by Brett McCall

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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