I'll Do That For You (For Mama)

by Marcus Harris

You wanna take the moon's bright beams
and keep 'em on the shelf?
I'll snatch it with my hands and squeeze 
it in a jar myself.
Oh, sure, the stars might hatch a plot
to save their kidnapped friend,
but while you soakin' up that glow
I'll never let 'em win.

You want the sun to ease up with
his hot and heavy rays?
I'll make him wear an overcoat
and work only half-days.
Oh, sure, some plants may die, and spring
and summer will be brief,
but problems like those pale compared
to bringing you relief.

You want the clouds that hug the peaks
to come give you their love?
I'll stuff 'em in a sack and hike
'em  down from up above.
Oh, sure, the 'bandoned mountains might
get lonely and complain,
but 'long as you feel warm and snug
they'll bellyache in vain.

You  want the waves to join the breeze
and sing their songs for you?
I'll put 'em up on stage with lights
and mics (and sequins, too).
Oh, sure, the fish and crabs may fret
over their missin' home,
but 'til you tire of the show
they're just goin' have to roam.

Imagine any brazen act
you think I couldn't do:
if it'll make your insides smile 
then I'll do it for you.

I'll Do That For You (For Mama) by Marcus Harris

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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