Penny Candy Blues

by JazzmineRose

  My box of cherries dropped out of the small brown bag that was too stuffed with tasty treats. 
  Mary Jane laughed from her gut when the bald Lemon Head gang usurped them, saving some for now and some for later.
  Ironically, her bag busted and the squirrel took her peanut chews and her tootsies rolled.
  Alexander the Great commenced to strike the Bake Bean brothers from Boston with his Chico Stick. 
  He kept my sweet necklace and ring pop from being nabbed by Joe with his bazooka.
  Riddled with joy-- I gave a reward of silver dollars and celebrated with a dusty white cigarette.
  None of this would have happened if I hadn't been looking down kicking Bottle Caps with those Airheads.

Penny Candy Blues by JazzmineRose

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