High-rise on the Hill

by JazzmineRose

Dot  cursed "Peep-Sight" on a regular
They had a hundred and one fights--
he won them all, but a hundred!..
Whenever the kids were bad laughing behind the couch
 Peep-Sight would get a switch to make them shut up--
The laughter usually prevailed.

Fresh homemade biscuits, fried egg plant and the tempered
Hot-comb were the popular smells that blanketed the kitchen
Drawing neighbors of all kind.

Mr. Nick guarded the front door
Saluting every guess stepping over the thresh hold; 
It used to be Taurus back in  the day until he 
Stole the meat off the table! He later died.

The Hi-Fi played jazz and the blues
while Peep-Sight stuffed,and 
smoked his pipe humming the melody.

Sassy, silver grey hair and chiseled high cheekbones,
Dot cussed ya, would cut ya and pulled cards
From her bosom all at the same time.

Dot and Peep-Sight were a pair
Those two. Loudly silenced--resembled
In others left behind.

Forever loved -missed
Thought of in bliss


In remembrance of my great grandparents. They were 
the modern day version of the Bunkers (Archie & Edith)
in reverse and in color.

High-rise on the Hill by JazzmineRose

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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