Teabags and Freedom for Noni

by Majadi

Heaven help me finding you naked and warm in my
arms, but alas, sleeping, dreaming of you as
a dark emissary made of pomegranate and wine
cayenne pepper sauce my daydreaming
stabbing every form of mental image,
imagine the strength of my brown body,
caramel in reflection,
causing you to remember your nu-being once again,
remember that night in Sudanese Myrrh,
when we freaked and fragranced each other?
Shall we act out what has never happened
or recreate nothing that will?
Every one of your rose petals
is crushed beneath my tongue
as we make out on polaris.
I shall call you dark Auset at Night
you can call me Jah Son,
for we are MAAT in flight Ethiopian a
nd I do remember that night in Addis Ababa,
baby I shall neva' call you
because you are definitely a grown ass woman.
I taste the memory of your toes in my mouth
and the pain I've caused
and me being redeemed now,
things can be different
if I behave as a grown-ass man,
I remember you liking the taste
of hot chocolate whipped cream and all but...
let's have a cup of tea!!!

Teabags and Freedom for Noni by Majadi

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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