Epiphany - That Place

by Luv Jonez

Take us to a place 
Where love is everlasting 
A place of sweet peace
Where abundant joy resides

Hope lives there too
To meet us at the door
With an inviting smile 
Letting us know we will survive

Does such a place exist 
in this chaotic world we live in
Selling our souls for precious time 
That inevitably comes to an end

Taking for granted the simple things
And never savoring its splendor
Do YOU ever wonder?…

Is there a place where 
We can just run to and hide 
When our burdens weigh too heavy
Robbing the strength we have inside

I guess we will learn 
what it really means 
to be content
Once we catch hold to the power
That comes from within

Never should we compromise our integrity
Or lose sight of the place prepared 
For you and me

By giving our all to just get there
One day
We must plan to make it there

  ~~Sherrita A. Jones writes:

I send this poem to everyone affected by the
terrible events that happened on    9-11-2001.
I hope that the sense of unity remains in
"This Place" that we call  America from here
on out.  It hurts my heart to see that something
this devastating had to happen before we began
to act like the human beings that God made us
to be…loving, caring, concerned and helpful.
This is how it should have always been and
should continue to be.  I encourage everyone
to keep on praying day in and day out…it is
written that we should pray without ceasing…this
is the one sure way to get us through this
terrible ordeal.  So with that, I want to say
I WILL stay prayed up!  God Bless and keep
each and everyone of you ~
…No Weapon formed against us shall prosper

- Isaiah 54:17

Epiphany - That Place by Luv Jonez

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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