Epiphany - Separate Wayz

by Luv Jonez

 We talked it over
When the time was right
     Couldn't stand any longer to go thru
     the same 'ole fight
We once loved strong
To the point we could hardly breathe
Believe me, what we had was special indeed

There is no denying,
since we were comfortable, it was easy to keep lying

You needed your space to see what you could see
No bitterness, no hatred left inside of me

No middle ground for us left to stand
I guess I can no longer call you my man

Our relationship seemed to have met that fork in the road
Us not knowing which way to go

We thought we'd be in this thing together
Weathering each storm, facing whatever
But our hearts finally agreed to what our minds have already said
How can we keep living a lie when the love is dead?
I care so much about you
and I know you love me still
But this relationship has been thru all it can

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, is what I've once heard said
The roads we now have chosen, for our lives,
No longer cross the same paths

Know that the love we shared will forever be in my heart
From this point on let's vow to never act like we forgot...
            ...as we go our separate ways

Epiphany - Separate Wayz by Luv Jonez

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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