Any Regrets?

by Luv Jonez

Iím beginning to wonder whether you had second thoughts;
as the option was presented, to come down from heaven
to live, as a man on this earth

Since the foundation of the world, we canít seem to fulfill
the ultimate plan you devised,
but you made up in your omnipotent mind that
we shall have the choice to live and not die

I know it wasnít easy, but I ask was it worth it
Does the ultimate sacrifice ever replay over in your mind
to make you think, maybe it was all a big mistake

As you traveled throughout the land resisting temptation; 
living a life void of sin,
Proving through your existence that it can be done
Deciding to keep the promise between you and the father above,
That one day youíd die on a cross and shed your precious blood

Is there a greater love that can or will be given,
than to refuse to save yourself
in order to redeem the souls
of past, present and future sinners

As you look from on high,
is there any disappointment,
in what you so meticulously created,
are you at all surprised by our behaviors:
What a sight for sore eyes it must be, 
to witness how disobedient and careless we are
when it comes to following your commandments

But you rose again, with all power in your hands, 
and another chance you gave;
Did it go unnoticed?...are our blessings treated as pure luck,
Are golden opportunities, missed
and the simple things in life taken for granted?
On every hand, we miss the lesson of each test,
After God so loved the world...
Are there any regrets?

Any Regrets? by Luv Jonez

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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