Epiphany - My 1st Luv

by Luv Jonez

How can I look past 
     what you did to me
I shared with you my world 
     guess you failed to see
What I offered most
     you could never buy
It is priceless 
     and you ask me why?
I never understood what I did so wrong 
Guess I'll never know
     'cause you didn't stick around

I see you from time to time
     but we greet with a wave or a casual HI!
     like old acquaintances just passing by

I wanna cry but I must stay strong
     you've been out my life for a bit too long
Days, weeks, even months go by
Not a visit or a call to even see if I'm alive

It's been years now
     and I haven't seen you since
But I still wonder 
     about that fence
That was wedged between us
     so mysterious it seems
Guess it was in the stars
     it wasn't meant to be

My life has been well
     I've been doing O.K.
Since that time you decided not to stay
It's funny you know
     after all we've been thru
I always wish the best for you

I'll never know when, why or how
     but when I look to those stars above
I reminisce on you 
     MY 1st Luv

Epiphany - My 1st Luv by Luv Jonez

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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