On The Light Side!:
Warning! Do Not Pet or Feed... These Caucasians.

by David M. Loucas, M.D.

It was after reading a story sent to me by Cinque Sengbe, entitled, 'Welcome to Colorado', that I felt incensed and provoked. The sheer depravity, cruelty and evil of what had been done to one African American man was nothing less than an abomination; why not call this by its true name? The article I reviewed was a lucid presentation of a story reported on ABC's 20/20 program on March 20th. 'Welcome to Colorado' is linked at the end of this essay. The reader may want to read this before continuing...

The broad strokes are that a peaceful and peaceable gentleman, Roy Smith had moved from Mississippi to Gilpin County, Co. In this tragedy of ironies, Mr. Smith had reportedly moved from Mississippi to Gilpin County, Co, to escape the horrors of racism from his past. He lived a peaceful life, and bothered no one. That he is an African American, and that his abusers and tormenters were Caucasian, bodes for how jaundiced with hatred and rotted with prejudiced some White people can be- that fact is inescapable. It is na´ve to think of the depraved behavior of these 'people' toward Mr. Smith as an isolated phenomenon, or as an oasis of insanity. Gilpin County is America. This story seems disturbing when taken as a solitary event; it is an absolute horror when viewed in real-time.

Makes me wonder about what kind of mental affliction some White folks suffer from. I mean if their criminal behavior arises from some virion or contagion then, as a federal health officer, I am obliged to uncover this, alert the public to its dangers, and develop appropriate precautions, isolations and treatments. Personally, I would be at risk for contracting 'Mad Caucasians Disease' (MCD), and that alone would cause me overwhelming concern.

Please understand, I really like Caucasians. In fact, some of my best friends are Caucasians. But, the more I observe them - especially in groups, and the more I study their politics, institutions and paradigms for society, the more I realize that there are large clusters of them who are severely cognitively and moral-ethically damaged. If treatable they should be treated; if not, they should be exposed, trivialized and dealt with harshly.

I've given some thought to this, and am bolstered by the belief that such an exercise is worthwhile since there are large numbers of them who remain 'human'. For those other Sapient appearing mammals, lacking in higher reasoning, moral values and other facultative functions, they will be referred to as 'humanoid'. It would be very convenient if we could isolate or separate the domesticated Caucasians from their malevolent, mutant alters. Perhaps there are phenotypic features or behavioral nuances that might be helpful for the task at handů Here are three sub-types already catalogued:

1. Caucas.gaucus.blankus: These variants have a tendency to have beady, blank eyes- this from the fact that their values and actions are derived from rote repetitions of urban mythologies that they continually share with each other and with their offspring. Collectively they try never to substitute actual life experience for well-learned intolerances, believing that to do so would throw them off the edge of the world. They are society's lowest common denominator. In this capacity they are certainly the most pandered to, malleable and controllable group of humanoids in America. Their level of creative thought, insight and understanding could best be described as: Eddy currents of amorphous pre-conceptions swimming aimlessly in a very shallow pool of thought.

2. Caucas.omnibus.inflatus: A particularly nasty subspecies, recognizable by their well rehearsed affectation of indignation and mock concern for issues they know almost nothing about. These puffer variants share a religious dogma known as: The Holier Than Thou Assumption. Rather than examining their own flaws and short comings, they forage for excuses, while taking no personal responsibility for their actions, effects or outcomes. Beware, they can be disarmingly disingenuous.

3. Caucas.aero.malodorous: This noxious and nasty variant tends to be overweight, mentally obtunded and unaware or insensitive to the raw fact that they, as a group, are olfactorally challenged. A particularly rancid subset of these humanoids have an air of onion-garlic, corn chip, papaya with a distant whiff of cow pie. They tend to be loners, but do at times coalesce in ripe packs.

To say that these Caucasian humanoid subgroups are 'half baked', is too simplistic, and belies the harm and the malevolent intent that they harbor.

To say that they are morally challenged, sounds much too politically correct.

To say these sub-sapients are damaged merely by chance, understates the problem by discounting the possibility that they are so by design.

'Welcome to Colorado': The problem is that this story is so very troubling that rationality is overcome with outrage. It seems beyond the scope of comprehension to know what malady besets the minds of some people. Are there corrosive, demonic-like forces, that seem to possess the White folk of Gilpin County, Co? Are these regressive forces of nurture or nature? The horrific treatment of Mr. Smith is certainly not an isolated incidence by anything other than its lack of reporting. Partitioning it only serves to diminish the greater reality. I am compelled to explore, and to try to understand how this kind of miscreant humanoid behavior can happen. These are my theories:

1. Chemical or Heavy Metals Poisoning: Before declaring that the Caucasians of Gilpin County are minions of the Prince of Darkness, I think we need to ask some questions and do some tests. For example: Is there a lead mine or a battery factory in Gilpin County? Is Gilpin County near or on a nuclear waste site? Is there mercury contamination in the County water supply? Are chemical or biological weapons produced there? Are there ergot producing molds which secrete hallucinogens into the ground water of the County?ů

2. Biological Plague: As mentioned, a contagion which has an intense predilection for Whites of the Caucasian persuasion. If this proves to be bacterial then the ascription Cauca coccus just seems to work. If viral then a single stranded RNA phage; it has to be termed the 'MCD' virus. If fungal, Albinoblastomycosis.

3. Nature and De-evolution: ALERT! There may well be pockets of Caucasians who either through in-breeding, or by some other genetic mishap are so socially and congenitally stupid that cognitively their value and social systems are based on totems and taboos, primitive superstitions and clan (Klan) identification.

4. Alien Deductions: The fact is that the treatment of Mr. Smith was so morally outrageous, and the responses by the powers to be were so lacking that you have to wonder if 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' was not based on a true story about the assimilation of some good, God fearing and peaceful Caucasians in Gilpin County by some alien pods.

5. Hysterical Moralization: It may well be that there are herds of Caucasians who are so fraught with their own inadequacies, insecurities and trepidations, that when left to the resonance of their own malaise, become both agitatedly neurotic and functionally paranoid psychotic. Consider this well, because this interpretation supports, and is consistent with the gross incivility, brutality, barbarity and torture that Mr. Smith endured. That he endured this maelstrom raised their cowardice to an erotic plateau. This concept is consistent with the behavior and actions of a manifestly sexually frustrated and repressively delusional group of people. Hysterical moralization then is the process by which a community creates or imagines a moral pseudo reality that permits it to find a kind of release by codifying blatantly antisocial and criminal behavior, and by defining that deviant behavior as normative.

So there it is. I do believe that before these Caucasians become any more demented and dangerous that they should be redacted, ruminated, regurgitated, reeducatedů and started on a bold dose of Prozac. Taper down after six months. The truth is, and history does bear this out, that every one of us is threatened by these humanoids. Intense acts of bigotry, revulsion, stupidity and moronacy may start at the racial flash point; they quickly become conflagrations that engulf us all. Knowing who these people are and what they are, and echoing that message is one way to give a wakeup call to everyone.


The letter 'Welcome to Colorado'

On The Light Side!: Warning! Do Not Pet or Feed... These Caucasians. by David M. Loucas, M.D.

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