by BlackQueen

“Every strong black man wants 
an equally strong black woman right?  
(Well the straight ones do anyway)  
But, every nigga wants a lady 
to laugh wit him, cry wit him, hurt wit him, 
maybe even die wit him right?  
Every King wants a Queen by his side right?  
Every brotha wants to be held down 
even when he feels he’s no longer strong enough 
to carry that crown all by himself.  
Every man wants a woman 
who is sweet enough 
that if she had to 
she would bake her own wedding cake, 
but at the same time he want a bitch 
that if it came down to it 
she will pop another nigga, 
for his sake, right?  
Every man wants a woman 
that doesn’t turn her back, 
rather than a woman who just turns heads, right?  
Every man wants a woman who has her own opinions, 
but although his may clash with hers, 
she doesn’t have to degrade him 
to prove she’s right, right?  
Every Man wants a woman 
who will work for him, 
cry for him, 
lie for him, 
play and lay for him, 
to be near him, 
close to him, 
and beside him, right?  
Every man wants a woman 
who loves him, 
trusts him, 
respects him 
and gives him everything, 
because he gives her everything back, right?  
Every nigga wants a bitch 
that will put that thing down on his ass right?  
He wants her to show him 
how a man is supposed to be treated, 
in and outside of the bedroom right?  
He wants her to be able to represent to the fullest.  
She should know how to “make love” to him 
like this would be the last time 
she’s ever gonna lay eyes on this man.  
At the same time, she should know how to “fuck him” 
to the point that he would never even think 
about looking in the direction of another woman right?  
She should be able to fuck him, 
and not think twice about that day 
when he decides he wants to duck her.  
Every Thug wants a Thugette right?  
Every nigga wants a “Ride or Die Chick” right? 
Someone who will hold him down no matter what, right?  
Someone who will maintain being “the wifey” 
even if he get knocked and has to lay down 
for a year, 5 years, 30 years, 
life without the possibility of parole, right?  
A nigga just wanna know 
that a bitch gonna always be around, right?  
Isn’t it true that he will do and say 
any and everything he can to be sure 
she stays by his side, right?  
He don’t steal her love, he earns it, right?  
Then you got the brothers, the fathers, 
the uncles, cousins, nephews, sons, 
grandsons, godsons, best friends, 
and sometimes niggas you don’t even know 
that wanna be pen pals.  
They just want the same as anybody else, 
somebody to hold them down, right?  
Even a man in prison wants a woman 
to embrace him whole-heartedly, 
but is that “forever” or just until he’s free?   
That’s what they want right?  
That’s what he wants right?  
That’s what you want right?  
Yeah Right!  

Wanted by BlackQueen

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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