by BlackQueen

How do I express how I feel?  
Do I just spit it out?
Do I ease the conversation into it?
Do I express it in a poem? 
In a letter?
On the phone?
To your Face?
What do I say?
Do I tell you that I Love You?
Do I tell you that I donít want to lose you,
From my life?
She was my friend.
You are my friend.
Do I just keep my mouth shut,
And continue to hurt inside,
Knowing that Iím keeping this secret from you.
A secret?
After all this?
Weíre still there?
Keeping secrets!
I want to tell you how I feel,
About you. 
How will you react?  
Will you retreat from me?
Will our friendship suffer?
Because of me?
Will it end?
Because of me?
What do I want?
I donít know.
I think, I just want you to know how I feel.
Do I wish you could be mine?
I want to go to bed every night, 
Watching you sleep,
Loving you,
Kissing you,
Holding you.
Right now,
Wishes are all I have.
I am glad
We have what we do.
I need this.  
I need you!  
I couldnít stand to know
that I couldnít pick up a phone 
and call you.
Look at the caller ID
And not see your number.
Not hear your beautiful voice 
On my answering machine.
Our friendship,
Fits so perfectly, 
In life.
Will my feelings for you effect that?
Will things change if I told you?
Maybe I shouldnít?
Maybe I wonít!
Then again,
Yes, I will,
Some Day!
One Day!
Just maybe,
Not today!
Oh, my fault,
I just told you! 

Secrets by BlackQueen

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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