by Black Queen

You're supposed to be one of my closest friends

From beginning to end, DFL  Dog's for life.

I'd slit my wrist with this knife 

and swear you are one of my closest friends.

And if you need it, I'll take these ends and split it wit you

Cause Benjamins don't mean shit to what we've been through.

But I gotta warn myself, beware of the evil that people do.

Beware of the conversations that you have when I'm not around wit the rest of the crew.

Beware of the funny stares that you bare on me when I'm not looking.

But for your info,

If you should know ungrateful,

I'm looking.

It took a long time for me to find out the truth about you.

The two faced, screw faced hatin that you do.

The desire to lie on me,

Load up a gun and fire on me,

And we're supposed to be family?  


Aint enough life in this relationship for both of us to live.

So I give you up.

After givin you love, and respect, and compassion,

It still wasn't enough.

It wasn't tough like leather.

But enough about you.

It's time to weather the storm to the haters that hate what I do.

Going here without fear and telling the truth,

I speak the real.

You tell me it's love, 

But where's the proof?

Poof! Hater's be gone!

I  let my spirit loose on you. 

And you say that I'm wrong, but I'm right.

God guided me through the night,

All the way up to dawn until I saw the light.

And despite the unclean spirit that you fight wit,

I love you still, 

I pray for you still,

I care for you still,

And still you hate on me.

God don't like ugly, 

And no matter how you feel, 

Lisa will always be a Queen.

So the games that you play, 

And the words that you say, 

They don't mean a thing.

You can't change God's plan,

Nor can you change the woman that I am.

But what you can change, is your hatin self,

Your foney, lonely, hatin self.

Put the hateration on the shelf,

and don't try to blame anybody else.

You're guilty,

From the inside out, Filthy,

And I'm supposed to respect your poetry?

Negative again!

You're not my brotha, nor my sista, nor my next of kin,

You're not even my friend.

But what you are is walkin talking sin,

That likes to grin in my face and try to replace the person that I am within.

Haters go dig a well and jump in.

On that note, 

I hope I don't have to confront you on this hatin bullshit,

Ever Again!

Haters by Black Queen

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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