Dear Michael: All The Things You Are

by L. L. King

Do you all Remember The Time you first saw the Jackson Five? It doesn’t matter if you’re Black or White, Billie Jean, Melodie, a Smooth Criminal, or just Someone in the Dark--you can still recall when you first saw Little Michael, the Dancing Machine. You knew even then that he wasn’t just a Child Star. He was more: a Thriller, a Superstar, and that one day he would make HISTory.

I’m a 70’s child.. I could sing Rockin’ Robin almost as well as I could say my ABC’s way back then. I was so young, Scared of the Moon, but Michael Jackson made me feel Invincible, Unbreakable, Dangerous, Bad ...The King of Pop molded my life and helped tremendously in making me the Modern Man that I am today.

He was the Man in the Mirror who encouraged me to write Little Susie, that Liberian Girl, the Superfly Sister, that P.Y.T. from Neverland Avenue, a love note. I said to her, “I wanna Rock With You because of The Way You Make Me Feel.” Maybe that’s not verbatim but she still became my Girlfriend. She was my first love and my first Heartbreaker. I fought some boy named Ben over her when he came around talking about how The Girl is Mine (Little Susie) and that I just Wanna Be Startin’ Something. I bounced his head Off The Wall a couple of times and that was that—he Beat It. That little girl had me Workin’ Day and Night trying to please her, though,  until one day she bluntly told me to Ease on Down the Road. No matter how many times I pleaded, “I Want You Back,” or begged, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” or played the song Baby Be Mine over the phone, she still wouldn’t Take Me Back. She’s Out of My Life now, Gone Too Soon and I found out that Lonely Teardrops are just a part of Human Nature.

You Can’t Win when it comes to love—at least not when you’re pre-pubescent. But you forget the pain. It’s the Falling in Love that you will always remember. And that’s how I choose to remember The Greatest Show on Earth—for the way that I fell in love with him. He tried to Heal the World through his music. He lived With a Child’s Heart and now we Never Can Say Goodbye.

It’s Too Late to Change the Time but I Can’t Help it—I wish that I had the chance to see him Jam again—Heaven Can Wait... Ain’t No Sunshine this Friday morning. Whatever Happens, though, We Are The World and we will never forget you. We gather comfort in knowing that now You Are Not Alone.

Dear Michael: All The Things You Are by L. L. King

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