The Awakening - Reunited Part 1

by LeeLucas

Overwhelmed with school work a part time job and 3 children, who are not interested in my attention until I sit down at the computer to do my homework I must add. Computer surfing has always been appealing but I never had the time to figure out this new world wide web until a class assignment put me in the thick of things.

It started out innocently, an old friend found on the internet. As usual I finished my homework at school but fended deadlines and tests so my man, my baby daddy, my lover would take over getting the kids ready for dinner and bed. I needed some alone time, I needed time to just think some time where no one wanted or needed anything from me. Since I had no homework I decided to check my emails and work on a new website I put up on BlackPlanet as a homework assignment. The assignment had been completed well over 3 months ago and I got an “A” I must add. My page had the basics information that my teacher issued but since the assignment was over and graded I decided to spice it up a bit.

At the time of the assignment BlackPlanet was brand new so not many people knew about it or utilized it. It has picked up since then, I have been getting visits left and right according to my hits recorded at the top of my page each time someone stops in to say hello. Since spicing it up and changing my name I had been getting a lot more hits, since my current whatever you want to call him is not into computers and had no knowledge of my page I felt comfortable putting single for my status and a long list of what I was looking for in a man. Which is the exact opposite of my current I must add.

I decided that the best route to go was to look for men out of state. That way I did not have to worry about running into him at the store or school or god forbids if I was out with what’s his name. Since my two-year goal was to move to Minneapolis and continue my education I chose to look for men in Minnesota. Things went well and I got plenty hits but nothing exciting. I started checking out different pages and emailing ones I was interested in but still nothing exciting. I continued this for about 3 months, meeting some interesting people and some perverts.

This one guy I met we hit it off right away we talked about sports and having kids and our mates it was nice. It was like I felt a little spark of electricity go thru my body every time I touched the keyboard to reply to him when we were emailing or talking on instant. Come to find out he was such a Bucks fan because he was from my home state. Well one thing lead to another and I found out that this was a long lost love that I have long forgotten about. But talking to him everyday brought back so much t hat it was like we were never apart.

We talked everyday most times late into the night. You would think I would be tired the next day but his kind words and compliments rejuvenated me. It made me feel like the woman I used to be when I first got with that one guy I am with now. This went on for months until we decided it was time to hook up. So we made our plans and made sure they were airtight. I would be going there to visit my new school and he would get on his girls nerves and get put out for the weekend. It just so happened that our love would be reunited on the most romantic day of the year Valentines Day. I was more excited than nervous because I already knew him. We dated for 2 years in high school and he was officially my first love. Now I know why I felt that electric spark each time I went to email or chat with him. It was like two broken pieces finally finding each other and fitting perfect together again. I liked that feeling so much that I went out and bought us necklaces like that so we would always remember while we were apart. The first stages of our plan was coming together so nicely that I almost forgot that we each had other inconveniences in our lives.

Since our only source of communication was the internet we confirmed our plans before I left Milwaukee. If his plan worked with him getting kicked out the house for the weekend he would meet me at the bus station if something went wrong I was to follow plan-B which was to call and let the phone ring once three times, and then go to the motel. I arrived on time at the Minneapolis bus station where he was supposed to meet me and waited for an hour like we planned and when he did not show I preceded with plan-B. I felt no nervousness about calling another woman’s house because I had no plans on talking to her. So I mad the first call and hung up before anyone picked up. I waited a few minutes and made the second call, she was really what I call a quick draw Mcgraw. She answered before the first ring even finished with an abrupt “WHAT” like I was interrupting something. I hung up. I waited twice as long before making the third call. And she answered again and before I could hang up I heard “STOP BREATHING SO DAMN HARD……….”

As disturbing as that might make someone, it was good news to me. I was going to spend the weekend with my first love and we will make plans on being together. He will never again have to worry about being put out again.

I arrived at the motel and started the next steps of many taken that weekend. I called and ordered two steak dinners with all the fixings. I filled the ice bucket and put the champagne I purchased earlier in downtown Minneapolis on ice. I had regular liquor too but I wanted our dinner to be romantic complete with candles and flowers. I called the front desk and requested a tabled with a linen tablecloth to be delivered to my, oops I mean, our room as well as two champagne glasses. I ran us a nice hot bath with a special mixture of herbs and oils that my girl hooked up for me before I left. I unpacked my sexy lingerie and scented candles for the tub.

The food arrived but he had not. I started to feel nervous like, he came and saw me at the ice machine and decided I gained too much weight since we last saw each other. I saw the light on the phone blinking and my spirits lifted. I called the front desk expecting them to tell me he was waiting in the lobby and I missed the call while at the ice machine but it was not. It was the front desk saying they were about to bring the table and glasses. I almost told them to forget it but I had come this far. I heard the knock on the door and went to let the motel worker in. I opened the door and stepped aside holding my head down not wanting the motel worker to see my disappointment but got a nice surprise instead. He was there table and glasses in hand and smiling. He kissed me on the forehead before stepping outside the door to retrieve the beautiful roses he brought me. Which completed our romantic dinner I must add.

Dinner was good but he was better. I remember how he satisfied me so clearly now. He led me to the tub reassuring me that my size does not bother him that he actually prefers healthier women. He massaged my neck, shoulders and feet. He washed and conditioned my hair and put lotion on my whole body. He kissed and nuzzled me in places that hadn’t been touched in years. While lying in his arms I felt so safe and secure. And loved I must add. The next night was pretty much the same he had a little something extra though. We lay in bed smoking the best chronic I have ever had. It enhanced our love making to levels I had never ever been to. He also told me he nipped it from her. That was an extra bonus I must add.

After our wonderful weekend he accompanied me to the bus station. We both wore our necklaces proudly. Anyone looking at us could tell we were in love. I cried when the called my bus and so did he. Right before I got on the bus he told me he loved me and gave me the deepest most meaningful kiss ever! He promised to email me soon as he got home or back to that place with that woman. I will look forward to responding and feeling those little electric currents that now reach other places while I am emailing or chatting with him...


The Awakening - Reunited Part 1 by LeeLucas

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