by Lauren Baker

Darkness clouded my vision
But not my thoughts
which were reeling now
Even though, closures what I sought
Am I dead, I wonder
Even though the answer is clear
Ther reason is vague in my mind
Of what I'm doing here.
Am I floating?
'Cause I cant feel the ground
My neck hurts, so I cant look up
And I cant hear any sounds.
No, I'm not floating.  Flying?
Soaring in search of light
But i'm finding it hard to breathe
Restricting this flight.
No, I'm not moving at all
At least not enough to fly or float
But why am I not touching the ground?
And why is there tightness around my throat?
Now I'm beginning to remember......
I'm swinging from the tree
The tree me and my brother used to to climb
The tree that shades me when I sleep
But the tree doesn't have a swing
So how am I swinging?
Oh, yeah, I remember that too
It happened this evening.
Some men in white came into my room
And dragged me by my feet to the tree
I tried to fight but there were too many
Crowded areound me
I looked around for my family
And I saw them beaten and bloody
I cried out loudly for them
As they wrapped the rope around my neck tightly
Yep, now I remember.....
I was swinging...
And the last thing I remember seeing before I died
Was a wooden cross burning brightly.

Swinging by Lauren Baker

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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