by Larry Dixon

The flow is everlasting
Enchanting and disillusioned with truth
C 4 me, itís easy, like water
2 put words to paper
When u stare 4 what? Seems likeÖever
So that makes me better
More clever, whenever, or whatever the weather
Your rainy days are my sunny ones
It seems dark and gloomy, but not to me
Thatís when I create another masterpiece
2 b studied by millions, off of this one feeling
Itís like water
Pure clean and clear, I know you can talk
But, can u hear?
Your words stink of fear
And I can tell that your scared to spit emí
Deliver them, pronunciate them correctly
Precisely the way way their supposed to b
But you donít hear me
Itís like water
4 this Pieces, at home in natural surroundings
Each syllable is like the breast of a female
Each adjective is like the vagina
Each word that rhymes is like a fine ass dime
Giving me everlasting eargasms, everlasting
Itís like water
Torture 4 u, true
I know you donít understand
Lazarus the great
And def in one ear
The beautiful thing is that I donít care
It might make you a mortar 
But, these lyrics and wisdom flow like

Water by Larry Dixon

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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