by Larry Dixon

Silence, is all I hear
While I lye here with my eyes closed
Itís a new day
Is what I listen to as I lay
Like a sad love song in its own way
So, my thought collaborate on a fresh poem
With the smell of the outside after the rain, 
But not today
Today is just grey and uninspirational 
Drizzle and cold air with thoughts of despair
So I roll up, to put me in the mood
A false hallucinogen
An altered state of unconscious reality
Of bluish grey drops
That splash into puddles of shattered dreams
Makes me wanna drink some Herbal tea with Hennessey
Strange whispers of dark poetry
Lyrics and wisdom thatís spiritual minded
Now I realize why diamonds are blinded
I jump up and dress myself
Today is there day I make my mark 
So I travel with lyrical thoughts of greatness
On the train itís plain to see
That a lot of people feel just like me
Unsmiling faces and unfamiliar places
Generic clones of who they once were
And would be if society didnít rob them of their dreams
With the reality of the world
I walk up the place to be and tell them who I be
The featured poet but he doesnít believe me
Makes me wait in line with the rest of the nobodyís
Like a average Homosapein
But as soon as I get in I hear Ladies and Gentlemen 
Lyrics and Wisdom
Silence is what I hear
After the claps and cheers
Time to be put on the map 
So I begin with, Tap-tap-tap 

Rain by Larry Dixon

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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