The Pot

by Enspyreme (Inspire Me)

Did this really jus happen
Did we just loose anotha
Bet the news says 
“there goes anotha black brother”
suddenly dead by blood shed
da gun read .35
police said
it was suicide
but and I
both know better
he had no vendetta
against himself or his own
jus a sad mishap
ya know
stemming from lack of guidance
acts of violence in the streets
makes it cool for thugs to carry guns
totin’ em like they’re sweets
or jus lil treats 
that they give to “tricks” that make em mad
they’ll roll up on em in dey mama’s house
and come out wit dey body in a bag
cops don’t care
when they see the brown skin
“there goes anotha nigga, let’s take em in”
wit da system swallowin em
like giant moby’s gon’ mad
in ten years we’re gonna say
“where’s all da black men dat we had?”
but baby girl look behind the steel
and the glass window that your tears always feel
the cold, wet place where our men are concealed
some deserve the time
while others were at the wrong place
or had the wrong nine
can’t you see
what the crooked ways are doing to me
I wanna be a voice 
Some kinda light to the ignorant
Open you to what’s going on 
And why blacks are insignificant
Like da outspoken activists
Or the quiet storm riders
I plan to be the on that takes our standards higher
I plan to speak out against injustice and wrongdoings
I can speak in ebonics
Just as well as GREAT ENGLISH fluently
I can put on my business suit
Talk politics and wear a bun
But I can also let that down
Slap on some nike’s and 
Do the Jamaican run
What this world needs is versatile me
With a mind determined and strong
And wit as quick as a thrashing tongue
I choose me
To right the wrongs of the people
I choose me
To eradicate all evil
I choose me
Do  You?

The Pot by Enspyreme (Inspire Me)

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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