Slave Ship

by EnspyreME (Inspire Me)

I heard lots and lots
Of screaming.
I saw fire and pale men
Chasing after my people
With long metal weapons.
I saw my tribe be rushed onto a 
Big, black leaky boat,
Shackled and chained together as if
They were a herd of wild animals
And then, I felt them
These cold, heavy, metal clasps
Snapped onto my wrists
Enclosing my once free feet
I was pushed and shoved
Up a creaky ramp
Tossed onto what felt 
Like a pile of bodies
Which…is…what it was
Darkness encompassing me
A smell of urine and unclean humans
I gag and cry, cry and gag
Hirobi, the boy beside me
Gets sick and throws up 
And before you know it
He passes on
Those pale men come in
Snatch up Hirobi like a piece of trash
And disappear back to the top of the boat
Through the tiny peep hole
I see a flash of brown
I close my eyes and tell my friend “bye”
Wishing I could go with him
Wishing that it was all a terrible dream
That I wasn’t actually smelling 
hundreds of dead bodies
Or being surrounded and swarmed by flies
With cuffs so tight
The skin around my ankles and arms
Begin to wear away
My stomach is swollen
From lack of food
Lips, dry and white from 
Swallowing my spit to wet my throat
The boat's got a leak
So waters flooding the floor
And all I can do is sit there
Sit there in filth
Sit there in hatred, anger
sit there
in a slave ship

Slave Ship by EnspyreME (Inspire Me)

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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