When Rain Falls (Part One)

by Kyora

Rhonda stood at her kitchen window watching her sons play. Michael was kicking the football while Kevin was trying to catch it. Her sons were only one year apart, with Kevin being the oldest. She watched as Kevin fell backwards and stood up running with the ball in his arms. They were five and six year olds doing what children their age did, getting dirty and having fun. Rhonda sat at her kitchen table thinking about how good God had been to her. Not only did she have two precious little boys but she was married to their loving father.

Rhonda knew her life could have taken a different turn when she found herself pregnant in the middle of her sophomore year at Cleveland State University. She had met him at one of the dorm parties she went to. Her friend Brenda had talked her into going. Rhonda was a shy person and did not enjoy partying too much. Once she was there she decided to make the most of it. When different guys approached her and asked her to dance, she said yes. After about four dances or so, she spotted this tall light skinned brother looking at her. He was fine. Not your typical fine but the kind that could make things happen to your body with just his eyes. He walked over to her and asked if she wanted to dance. Inside she was jumping up and down but outwardly she remained calm and collected when she told him yes. Rhonda thanked God that it was a slow song since it meant she would be closer to his body. After the dance they introduced themselves to each other and talked for a while. That night she met her husband, Jason for the first time.

Soon they became the campus couple. You could not see one without seeing the other. The only time they were apart was during classes and whenever Jason had to work the local bookstore. Most of the time they were at his place doing what lovers did. They were always careful to use protection. That is, until one night. Rhonda went over to Jason’s place. She had planned to spend the night so she brought her belongings with her, since he had an apartment off campus Rhonda was able to sneak away from the dorms.

When she had arrived at Jason’s apartment which he shared with his roommate, Kenny, she discovered that he had made her a candle lit dinner for their six month anniversary. It was so beautiful. That night he proclaimed his lover for her. She always kept that memory fresh in her mind.

He had walked over to her and grabbed her hands then he looked into her eyes and said, “Rhonda, I want you to know how much of a difference you have made in my life. When I saw you at that dorm party it was like God had stood you there just for me. I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I’ve never had fun with anyone else like I have with you. You make me laugh and you pretend to laugh when I try to make you laugh,”

Rhonda chuckled at that one. He could be a little corny but that was part of what she loved about him, “I know it may seem too soon but I want you to know how much I love you.”

Then Jason got down on his knee and Rhonda began to cry. “Please bless me with the honor of becoming my wife. We do not have to rush the wedding but just knowing that as soon as we graduate we will start our lives together will be enough for me.”

Rhonda looked at him through tear soaked eyes and said yes. That night when they had made love Jason had not used a condom. He said he wanted to feel his wife’s body fully. He had promised that when his climax came he would pull out. Up until six weeks later Rhonda had thought he had kept that promise.

Standing at school over a toilet bowl watching everything she had eaten that day come back up had proven to be the changing point in her life. She made an appointment with her doctor after calculating that she should have received her period by then. At the doctor’s appointment it was determined that she was six weeks pregnant. Her doctor gave her the sonogram and a prescription for some prenatal vitamins. Rhonda had not been too surprised by the news but she was unsure of how it would affect her life. She was also unsure of how Jason would react to hearing he was about to become a father.

That evening she went to his apartment and told him the news. He was shocked but then his shock turned into excitement. Quickly. Then he started saying how they needed to move up plans to get married and possibly have his pastor do it in his office but then he told her she deserved a real wedding. Rhonda had not even told her parents about her engagement for fear of their disapproval. Jason’s excitement was rubbing off on her. They married two months later. It was a rushed wedding but nice. Her parents had not taken the pregnancy news well but they had respect for Jason because he refused to let his child be born out of wedlock. Rhonda always admired her husband for stepping up and taking responsibility.

Rhonda went outside and called the boys into the house. They came in giggling and dirty. “Alright Tre and Man,” Rhonda said calling them by their nick names, “go upstairs and get washed up. Daddy will be home in a little bit.” The boys chased each other up the stairs. Then the doorbell rang. Rhonda was not expecting any visitor so she went to the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me Sister Rhonda.”

It was Erica from church. Many people had deemed her as a Jezebel in the church they attended together. There were rumors that she was sleeping with a few of the married men in the church, including the pastor. Rhonda knew she had nothing to worry about though.

“Sister Erica. Come in,” Rhonda told her putting on her most inviting smile. She had nothing against the woman but it was not like they were friends or anything. What was she doing stopping by her house?

Erica walked in and sat on the couch. She was a pretty woman. She was thick and had a nice figure. Her caramel skin is what attracted men most to her.

“Sister Rhonda, we need to talk.”

“About what?” Rhonda asked sitting down on the love seat across from Erica. “I’m pregnant.”

“Oh.” Rhonda immediately started wondering who the father could be. Running through some of the men in her church through her head. “Ok. What is it you want me to do for you? Did you come over because you wanted prayer or you need help telling the father?”

“Actually, yes to both questions. But most of all I want your forgiveness.”

“For what?”

“I’m pregnant with your husband’s child.” Rhonda’s heart felt like it stopped beating.

“What are you doing here?” Rhonda and Erica looked up to the voice that was speaking. It was Jason. He had a look of panic in his eyes. Rhonda let the tears flow as she repeated the words in her head. I’m pregnant with your husband’s child.

Erica stood and faced Jason. “I came to let you and your wife know that we are having a baby together.”

Jason looked like he wanted to slap her. He walked over to Rhonda and tried to touch her. She jumped away from him before he could do so. Then she remembered that her precious little boys were upstairs and she did not want them to learn about this situation until she had time to marinate on it herself. A mother’s instinct is always to protect her children.

“Rhonda, I would have to ask you to leave. My boys are upstairs and they do not need to know about this right now.”

“They will have to know some day. Rhonda.” Erica had dropped the sister title now. It was obvious to Rhonda that Erica had come over intentionally to start some mess.

“Look Erica. I am refraining myself from beating you senseless and throwing you and my husband out of this house. So my suggestion to you is that you leave before I forget that my children are upstairs for the safety of yourself and the child you claim to be carrying.”

Erica took the hint and walked to the door. “Jason, our first appointment is on Friday of next week. I expect you to be there.” Then she shut the door.

Rhonda looked at her husband who stood there not knowing what to say. “I am going upstairs to check on Tre and Man.”

“We are not going to talk about this?” Jason asked her with his eyes pleading with her to stay.

“Not tonight.”

“Do you want me to leave?”

Rhonda considered her answer and then thought about how that would affect their sons. “In all honesty yes, but the boys would not understand and putting you in the guestroom would raise their concern too. So you can stay home. But do not touch me. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Jason replied pitifully. Rhonda looked at him with disdain and went upstairs.

Jason had wanted to follow behind his wife to at least say hello to his children but he knew he could not do so without breaking down. After all he had betrayed not only his wife but them too. So instead Jason went down into his basement where he set up a game room for his boys and an office for himself.

Sitting in his office, Jason let himself wonder how he had let his life get to this point. Why had he slept with Erica? It was not like he was attracted to her normally. Thinking back Jason could not believe the things he had done. The sins he had committed against God and his family. He felt like he was blind sided.

Jason had gone downstairs in to the basement while the preacher was speaking to use the restroom. When he came out Erica was standing there waiting for him. “Hello, Brother Jason,” she had said in her sexy voice.

“Hi, Sister Erica.” I said feeling a bit uncomfortable. She was standing rather close and if someone had walked up on them they would have assumed something was going on. Jason looked around nervously and then stepped around Erica. As he passed her she grabbed him in a very personal space. Unfortunately for him, that move awakened his manhood and she felt it because her hand had remained there while she whispered in his ear, “It looks like someone wants to play.”

“Erica, I am a married man and we are in church.” Jason had told her trying his best to diffuse the situation.

“Tell him that,” Erica replied.

Jason was about to walk away but she grabbed him and kissed him square on the lips. He felt her tongue enter his mouth. It tasted like she had been sucking on a peppermint. They were caught up in the kiss when they heard footsteps approaching. They ducked into a nearby room so that whoever it was would not catch them together. After the person went back upstairs Erica resumed her seduction. She had his belt unbuckled and his pants around his ankles before he knew it. She was sucking and licking and making all these sounds that was allowing his flesh to disobey his spirit.

Jason knew what was happening was wrong but it felt so good. He just could not stop her. After she had made him climax and had tasted every last bit of it she laid him down and climbed on top of him. She rode him like a pro. He had wanted to scream during the second climax but knew better. When they had finished and were dressing, Erica told him, “Don’t worry this will be our little secret.” Then she walked out of the room.

Jason went back upstairs and sat down on the bench next to his wife. Rhonda had looked at him and smiled. She had Tre in her lap asleep and Man was drawing in a notebook they brought to church for him to keep him quiet. The guilt had been overwhelming. After church when Erica had approached them during fellowship, he felt even worse. How could he let this happen? He loved his wife and was still very much attracted to her. He was not lacking for anything in the bedroom.

While Rhonda had been in the kitchen cooking dinner that night, Jason was in his office repenting and praying for forgiveness. He knew that God forgave him but he was scared to tell Rhonda for fear that she would take his boys and leave him. Jason talked himself into believing that since God forgave him that there was no reason to tell Rhonda. There was no point in hurting her especially since he knew he would never let anything like that happen again.

Now, his mistake had come back to haunt him. In the form of a pregnant woman he had never had any intention of sleeping with. Jason pulled his Bible off his book shelf and opened it. At a time like this he needed a word from God to tell him what to do. He read a couple of verses that confirmed what he was feeling already. Jason realized that he had to fight for his marriage. He had no clue what was going on in Rhonda’s mind right now. In fact, she was up stairs cooking dinner. Truth was, he was a little weary about eating especially since she had not said two words to him in the last three hours. Jason closed his bible and prayed a silent prayer. Then he went upstairs. Rhonda was in the kitchen and the boys must have been in their room watching television.

“Rhonda, we need to talk and we need to talk now. Before dinner.”


“We cannot ignore what happened today.” Rhonda stopped stirring the pot of Spaghetti she was cooking. “You think I am trying to ignore the situation? That is not what I am ignoring. I am ignoring the urge I have to kick and scream. The urge I have to grab my boys and leave this house. Those are the only things I am ignoring. You slept with another woman.” Rhonda started crying. Jason could see the pain he had caused her and he began to cry too. This was the woman he believed God had given them and now he had done what he vowed to never do. Hurt his other half.

“Rhonda I know I hurt you. I am so sorry but I never meant for anything like that to happen.”

“Really? You were naked and she was naked and you accidentally fell on top of her.”

“No that is not how it happened.”

“How did it happen?”

“What?” Jason did not want to reveal any details of that day.

“You heard me tell me how it happened. You wanted to talk I am listening.” Rhonda took a seat at their solid oak Table and looked at him. Apparently waiting for his response. Jason realized that if he wanted her forgiveness that he would have to be honest with her. Jason told her a clean version of the events that had happened.

Rhonda sat there when he was done. Jason really wanted to know what she was thinking but he waited for her to speak.

“In church?” she asked.

“Yes, baby I wanted to confess to you but I was scared you would leave me. I am not even attracted to her.”

“Then why did you do it?”

“I do not know. What I do know is that I have prayed to God for forgiveness and now I am begging for yours. Please forgive me.”

Just then Tre came into the room. “Mommy is the spaghetti finished?”

Jason and Rhonda both wiped the tears from their eyes. “Yes baby. It’s finished. I’ll call you both in a minute okay.”

“Okay Mommy.” Tre ran out of the room without a care in the world.

Rhonda hesitated climbing in the bed with her husband. He did not even feel like he was hers anymore. Erica had taken him from her as far as she was concerned. Jason was sitting up in bed waiting for her. She looked at him. She could tell he was genuinely sorry. It hurt him that he had hurt her. For that she had to respect him. If nothing else she knew he loved her still. Many women would think she was crazy for not going off on him and Erica but was more mature than that. She knew that sex for men did not equal love necessarily. A man would only marry the woman he loved but he will have sex with a woman who opened her legs for him.

Climbing in the bed next to Jason, Rhonda was careful not to touch him. She lay on her side with her back facing him.

“Rhonda?” She ignored him. “Rhonda,” he repeated putting his arm around her. She wanted to move it but right now she needed the comfort so she let his arm stay where it was placed. “If you want me to leave I will.”

“No I don’t want you to leave. I told you the boys…”

Jason cut her off. “Do you still love me?” Rhonda did not want to answer that question so she remained quiet. How stupid was she? “Answer me,” he said pulling her closer to him.

“Yes,” She said looking into his eyes. Then he kissed her. She did not fight him. She needed to know he was still hers. Kissing led to making love. Before Jason entered her she asked him if he had a condom. She could tell by the look in his eyes that he was hurt but he had some from a while ago. He kept them in his nightstand. They had recently been trying to get pregnant the last few months. Before that they had used condoms as their form of birth control because Rhonda was afraid that going on the pill would make her gain weight.

Jason put one on and reclaimed what was his. He wished that she could feel how completely he belonged to her. After they both experienced mind blowing orgasms, Rhonda finally fell asleep. Jason remained awake lying in the dark when something crossed his mind. He thought about it for the first time that day. The baby.

When Rain Falls (Part One) by Kyora

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