A Man Defined…

by Nicole Smith-Kirnon

I asked a question how a man is defined. A woman said to me a man is defined by the size of his penis. How long his penis is, how hard he can get, and how well he stroke. Can a man only be defined by how well endowed he may be?

I asked again how a man is defined. A woman said to me by the amount of money in his pocket. He need to be able to take her out to eat, buy her clothes, get her hair and nails done and pay her bills. Bottom line he needs to be able to take care of her. Can a man be defined by his income?

The question needs to be answered, how a man is defined. A man is a male by sex. He is masculine by gender. A man is not defined by his income nor is he defined by how well endowed he may be he is however defined by who he has become as an individual. If given the chance he can be considered the genuine article of what a family man should be. A man is someone who stands his ground to take care of home. He raises his children along side his female counter part. He stays on his grind legitimately to remain in his children’s presence. A man is not sought after to only pay bills, and pamper his mate but to be a mature adult figure, in the eyes of the children for whom he has accepted the role of father for. Although we as women enjoy a man that can satisfy us sexually, that will come together with us financially and to love us wholeheartedly, a man without a purpose does a woman no good because there is no destiny. We must understand that men expect the same in return. He does not expect a woman to give him fifty percent of anything. He expects her to give one hundred percent of everything. Anything given half of, will receive half of and in the end nothing is achieved. You see, what a woman gives, a real man will know how to return. A man is defined as someone with character. A man is defined by the qualities he possesses not by the teachings he learned in the street but by the lessons that were taught by the women that raised him.

A man should be believed in, challenged mentally, worked with, loved, listened to and supported emotionally. There are so many qualities a man possesses and at times he himself may not realize it. A real woman will not want to raise this man but to assist him in seeking his true destiny. Money does not make the man yet a secure future can be a manifested, if the right partners find one another.

A man is a funny creature; a man is defined by the role strong women play in his life. If we want a good man, a man can only be as good as we raise him to be. The way we as women treat our sons today, will determine how he will treat women tomorrow. A man is defined by the teachings of a woman, the input of a woman and the respect of a woman.

To define a man as women, we must first define ourselves. The rise of a good man comes with the foundation of a good woman. We must become better women because a woman is the man’s first influence.

A Man Defined… by Nicole Smith-Kirnon

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