by Kira Henderson

Before you step to me

and deliver your well rehearsed line


My dress size is the only thing average about me.

To get my attention

You will need to flatter more than my ego


that I am so simply complex

and I think I am special

because I treat myself as such

Beginning with the first neck turning glimpse you caught

I could already read the misconceptions written all over your face

  you dont have to say a word.


I wear my skirt short & my heels high as a badge of my OWN personal sexy

not as a blatent invite

Not a hair out of place,

nails done,

lips glossed,

smelling like I bottled every romantic syllable from a Langston Hughs poem

and swiped it elegantly about my neck

None of which was for your benefit.

See, I


the flaws of human nature

that a first impression is everything

and when your unimpressive,

you mean nothing


just because I dont have a ring on my third finger

doesn't mean I am available

I am in a deep, committed relationship with my well being

and I took a vow to let

NO IDIOT come between us

til death do us part.


If I ever entertain the thought of knowing you

and invite you to a threesome

with me and my heart

that this "S" on my chest

doesnt mean I cant also be Lois Lane

that it takes a Superman

to handle a Wonder Woman


that I may want you,

but I will NEVER need you

and you will have to be creative

in creating

your own job security.

Just because I say "I got this"

doesnt mean that I wouldnt appreciate your help


 My inner beauty desires equal amounts of attention

that you dose out to my hips & ass

You cant forget to plant soft kisses on my forehead & eyelids

in-between devouring both sets of my lips


my conversation is satiny smooth

My skin silky soft

My intellect like fine cashmere

- In other words



I am the girl who makes up your most perfect dreams

and the woman that haunts your darkest nightmares

- waking up from me in a cold sweat

like your falling & about to hit concrete


even if you understand all of this

You will NEVER understand me

and if you could love me anyway

then you truly


Understanding by Kira Henderson

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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