Love is the Greatest Show on Earth

by Kimeko Farrar

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the romance teaser
Works the room with his gift of gab "he" the main attraction, a crowd pleaser
He buys meals, pays bills and dangles rewards over lips like an animal trainer
Abracadabra, the suited up pretty boy is also an expert puppet master "no brainer.

Come one come all - her poster advertisement boasts limber contortionist
Always ready, fatigue proof, like a 24 hour kissing booth
Performing mind-blowing moves, amazing tricks and acrobatic stunts
But you should have bought a back row seat "she" already started the front.

There" an elephant in the room, speechless, mime like "a withdrawn talker
Sweet maybe and religious too "but no longer an extremely toned tightrope walker
The cutie previously willing to spend a few dollars for your enjoyment
Is now juggling jobs, window peeping on stilts - he" a stalker.

Around you go like a Ferris wheel "midnight madness revolving
Emotions rattling, gyrating, spinning "no hopes of ever evolving
Controls jammed "you're stuck on stupid "hopeless, squeezed in and trapped tight
Dumbfounded "senseless, you're still with the clown night after night.

She" a fire spitter "comes home with the smell of gas on her lips so you don't forget
Better grill a steak when she opens her mouth "it" the only meal you'll get
Her head scarf - was it used to clean up after the Gulf Coast oil spill
No magic shows or trapeze acts - just cold shoulders and Cinemax thrills.

Clear the area and bring down the Big Top "there" nothing more to see
Pack up the bearded lady and the 6 foot vertical jumping flea
Until next time, that" all folks - I hope you got your money" worth
If you missed this year" circus "just fall in love "it is the greatest show on earth.

Love is the Greatest Show on Earth by Kimeko Farrar

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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