by Kia

I`m a good hearted person, who can at times love too strong;
Like many other people, I too have been wronged. 
Judged on the outside by appearances alone;
True I may be a "big" girl, but I`ve got it going on 
I have a job, a car and a degree;
Yet for whatever reason, some men have decided to look past me
Some men want a trophy, or a "dime piece" who doesn`t really exist;
Yet I am excluded because I have hips
I'm tired of hearing brothers complain they can`t find one that`s true;
Have you ever considered the problem is in you?
Looking for qualities you don`t even possess;
Yet for some strange reason, your quick to dismiss
A bonafide sista, who doesn`t fit your ideal;
You need to give that up and search for something real
Always focusing on the physical, it's just not right;
Then you look crazy when you end up with a "hoe" in your life
Or maybe a "gold digger" who takes your last dime;
Or worse a "baby momma" who you fight with all the time 
Now by no means am I suggesting you can`t have your preference;
I am just speaking as a point of reference 
Because what glitters isn`t always gold;
Beauty is indeed in the eye it beholds 
Get to know both inside and out;
It won't hurt you to find out what she's all about
Know what goes around comes around and Karma is a b**tch,
Everything you give, you will eventually get
Luckily for me I have self pride and self love;
Fully enforced by the one up above 
But some of my sisters have yet to try it;
Instead they fix themselves with all kinds of diets 
Trying to live up to a standard, that is totally unreal;
Getting all caught up in society's ideals
I hope what they learn from this to just be yourself;
At the end of the day, it`s all you have left
Forget about how others feel, let it all go;
I may not have all the answers but there`s one thing I know 
There`s someone for everyone of that I am sure;
And there`s always going to be hardships you'll have to endure 
But as long as you love God and yourself completely;
Things will work out the way they were destined to be.

"36-38-42" by Kia

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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